Our standard sealed gauge sensor. Best for settings above 115 feet of waterhead (50 psis).




Slimline “G”

Our vented sensor for shallower applications of less than 115 ft. of waterhead (2.5-50 psig) where atmospheric variations (typically +/- 0.5 ft) are significant.




Pressure/Temperature Sensor

Our combined Pressure/Temperature sensor for geothermal wells or other situations where water temperature is an important parameter.



Dynotek’s stainless or titanium pressure transducers are recognized for their excellent performance in shallow or deep settings. Our unique sealing method eliminates the possibility of water intrusion into the electrical connection between sensor and cable. Because of this, Dynotek provides a 3-year Workmanship Warranty on all pressure transducers. Vented sensors for shallow applications (up to 115 feet of water) are available in pressure ranges from 2.5 psi to 50 psi. Sealed gauge sensors are available from 50 psi 5000 psi.

Three types of cable are available for our sensors: Standard Poly, Vented Poly, and Stainless Steel. The poly cable has two conductors, shield, drain, and Kevlar strength member, with a smooth polymer jacket. This jacket is tough enough for applications up to 1500 ft, and has a low coefficient of friction to permit easy recovery from sounding tubes. The stainless cable is double armored stainless steel, and is ideal for deeper applications, or where ruggedness and long lasting capability with no stretching are important. Our stainless has been used successfully in applications up to 6300 ft. It is recommended for settings above 1000 ft.