Smart Gates

Smart Sluice Gates


* Fully Integrated
* Independent, 100% Complete Control Station
* Embedded controller consolidates SCADA control components into a single, easily deployed enclosure
* Reduced complexity supports reliability and cost savings
* Designed for solar but works equally well with A/C
* Ships complete with programmable actuator and on-board software.

Can be instantly deployed for:

  • Reservoir and canal control
  • Check structures
  • Canal turnouts
  • Pipeline control stations
  • Pump station
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Flood control
  • Industrial applications

Manages flow, level, gate position, and equipment operations while logging and displaying station data. Custom programming is available.

Specifications Summary

  • Gate Type: Rising or non-rising stem, any size
  • Control Options: Maintain up or downstream level or flow, adjust gage position and/or control equipment
  • Power-Type Max Daily: 12 and 24 VDC. WT-100 4Ahr/day; WT-200 6Ahr/day; WT-300 9Ahr/day
  • Controller I/O: RUG3 typical 6 analog, 8 digital, 4 digital out (10A relays) 4 analog out, enhanced IO, custom controllers
  • Control Panel: HOA, local manual up/down, off, auto for remote control telemetry (SCADA)

Printable spec sheet

Smart Gate Actuator

Smart Gate Actuator


  • Embedded programable logic that enables it to accept data from multiple analog or digital sensors
  • Provides control for multiple off-gate equipment operations
  • Solar power eliminates the need for AC power in remote environments
  • No additional cost for solar or AC power applications
  • Works with ALL commercial controllers

Printable Spec Sheet