Level Control



  • High quality submersible transducers and surface sensors
  • 3-year warranty on workmanship
  • Shallow 2.5 psi gauge to deep 4000 psi range
  • Stainless steel cable choices for custom lengths and application

Dynotek level measurement instrumentation can be applied to water wells for long term monitoring or well control. The Slimline series of submersible pressure transducers can be used with customer-supplied PLC’s or with Dynotek’s Data Manager Series to display/log/control well level.

The same instrumentation can be used for measuring level in tanks, ponds, wet wells and reservoirs. Data can be displayed or logged locally by a Data Manager or transmitted by radio cellular telemetry to a hosted internet site for use in active control and monitoring of water-based assets.

Data Manager 700F

Data Manager 700FThe DM 700F measures staff level, computes flow rate and totalizes flow over time for flumes and wet wells. Operators can control and monitor flow using hi/lo set points, and download data via USB. Line current or solar-powered models are available. Dynotek offers timely, superior service and the lowest rates for equipment and installation. Read more