Flow Measurement



Data Manager 700F
Flume and Channel / Wier Flow Measurement System


Printable spec sheet

Product Features

  • Measures staff level with float/potentiometer sensor
  • Computes flow rate from built-in look-up tables
  • Totalizes flow over time
  • Line current or solar powered models available
  • Downloads to laptop through USB port
  • Includes data hi/lo set point output for alarming and/or control

Features and Specifications

  • Stainless bolt-mount platform
  • Programmable data logger and controller
  • Easy to program
  • Large keypad for gloved use
  • USB data download
  • High 16-bit resolution (± 0.002% FS)
  • Real-time display
  • Integrates easily in gate automation and remote flume monitoring applications
  • User replaceable back-up batteries for solar power
  • External power option available
  • SCADA compatible, without the cost

The Data Manager 700F combines the highly accurate Data Manager 700 data logging with a beaded wire float sensor to produce a low cost, high accuracy flume and channel/wier flow measurement. It can be installed as a stand alone measurement device or connected via telemetry systems for near real time channel management and/or gate automation.