Data Manager 1100C Cellular (IOT) Telemetry


  • Rugged, reliable, easy to install
  • Customizable multiple input-output configurations
  • Site location from integrated GPS configuration using LTE CAT-M cellular data service
  • Computer and mobile device access to data download/monitoring and alarm services

The Data Manager 1100C comes complete with an “In the Cloud” interface to monitor, trend, download logs, and obtain alarms either by text or email message. In addition, the Cloud platform provides for remote configuration and troubleshooting of the device and its attached sensor(s). It is also possible to turn on/off the relay output from the Cloud interface to remotely control pumps, motors and valves.

Coupled with a Dynotek Slimline transducer or the sensor(s) of choice, the system provides a very cost-effective telemetry solution for remote ground and surface water reservoir, tank and other fluid monitoring.

Printable spec sheet