Data Manager 2000

Data Manager 2000 Portable Data Logger and Programmable Controller  

DM 2000







Printable Spec Sheet

Product Features-

  • Well testing: measuring pump rate, drawdown, capacity
  • Aquifer testing and monitoring
  • Unattended, stepped, long-term resource monitoring
  • Instantaneous and totalized flow recording

Features and Specifications-

  • Portable and rugged
  • Easy to program
  • The test types you need
  • Log, linear and programmable 16-step tests
  • Large keypad for gloved use
  • USB data download while logging
  • High 16-bit resolution (± 0.002% FS)
  • Real-time display
  • Optional high/low alarm/relay outputs
  • User replaceable batteries
  • External power option
  • SCADA ready
  • Four analog, digital and/or pulsed input channels

High Definition Data Logging on the Data Manager 700 and 2000

The 16 Bit Resolution inherent in Dynotek’s Data Manager improves overall accuracy of measurements by providing substantially better resolution of readings regardless of the underlying accuracy of the sensor input.

Analog sensors are essentially continuous in output, with infinite resolution possible. In converting the data from analog to digital, much of the stated accuracy can be lost.

With a conventional 12 bit logger, the finest resolution reading that can be taken is 0.02% of full scale. With 16 bit resolution data, readings are better than 0.002% of full scale.

This means that with a 1000 psi pressure transducer, the most accurately that actual water depths can be read with 12 bit is +/- 0.5 ft. With 16 bit resolution, changes in depth of as little as 0.04 ft can be measured. This level of accuracy can be critical in many monitoring and testing operations.