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Stainless Cable Hanger
This versatile stainless steel hanger can be installed after the cable termination has been made and provides an appropriate support for transducers hanging in a well.

Stainless Steel Cable Hanger

Stainless Steel Kellum Grip Cable Hanger
Pass-through / Cord Grip

Sink Weight

Sink Weight
This provides a “cage” sink weight/anchor for transducers installed on the bottom of wastewater tanks. 4” high x 4” diameter and approximately 3 lbs.

MP-11 Vent Tube Moisture Protection
For vented gauge transducers this provides total isolation of the vent tube from atmosphere by using a 3” diameter nitrogen-filled Mylar sphere which changes volume with barometric pressure. Maintenance free for the life of the installation.

Splice kit

Splice kit
Field-installed with a heat source for shrink wrap. Now submersible but stronger than the original cable.