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Stainless Cable Hanger
This versatile stainless steel hanger can be installed after the cable termination has been made and provides an appropriate support for transducers hanging in a well.

Stainless Steel Cable Hanger

Stainless Steel Kellum Grip Cable Hanger
Pass-through / Cord Grip

Sink Weight

Sink Weight
This provides a “cage” sink weight/anchor for transducers installed on the bottom of wastewater tanks. 4” high x 4” diameter and approximately 3 lbs.


Transducer weights and NPT transition fittings
Custom ss accessories available upon request.

des box

Dri-Box Termination Enclosure
This provides a polycarbonate NEMA 4X rated termination enclosure for vented pressure transducers. Separate gland nuts are incorporated for the electrical input and output and the PMC breather vent provides barometric reference without ingress of water. A field replaceable desiccant module features a moisture status indicator visible through the clear cover.

MP-11 Vent Tube Moisture Protection
For vented gauge transducers this provides total isolation of the vent tube from atmosphere by using a 3” diameter nitrogen-filled Mylar sphere which changes volume with barometric pressure. Maintenance free for the life of the installation.

Des Tube

Desiccant tubes with fittings – Replaceable based on desiccant color

Splice kit

Splice kit
Field-installed with a heat source for shrink wrap. Now submersible but stronger than the original cable.


Pigtails, power supply, and custom application cables
Input pigtail (left), and power supply cord (right).